Simplicity from start to Sea Turtle.

Designed with minimal packaging for the daily minimalist.

Sustainable shipping & packaging materials.

A completely sustainable supply chain from beginning to end.

✔️100% Compostable Shipping Bag

✔️100% Recycled Printing Labels

✔️100% Recycled Product Packaging

✔️100% Biodegradable Product

An unwavering commitment for purity.

Just Cotton. Nothing Else.

Sourced only from well-managed forests.

Sea Turtle is recognized as the Global Premier Brand in bamboo because it focuses on sustainability, product quality, and innovation. Sea Turtle believes in bamboo as the solution to deforestation of tropical rain forests and the excessive use of our planets non-renewable materials.

✔️FSC® Certified Bamboo

✔️No Deforestation

✔️100% Compostable

✔️100% Biodegradable

A relentless desire to protect our planet.

Brush guilt-free with our plant-based solutions.

Explore our sustainable solutions.

Sea Turtle provide products certified by Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C041262). Our products come from well-managed forests, ensuring no deforestation, while providing fair wages and work environments.

Sea Turtle merchandise.

1 Purchase = 1 Tree Planted in USA

We are proud partners with the United States Forest Service to plant one tree for every order placed. These trees are planted in United States. Sea Turtle Apparel are all natural, making them great for you and the environment!

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Why Choose Sea Turtle?

A portion of your purchase goes directly towards sustainability initiatives. Since 2020, we've removed over 6,000 LBS from plastic waste from oceans, planted over 1,000 trees, and offset our CO2 emissions by over 9,600 LBS. Sea Turtle is a proud partner of the United States Forest Service and offers Forest Stewardship Council® certified products. All sustainable toothbrushes purchased from SeaTurtleLLC are certified ethically sourced.

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