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Sea Turtle

Dental Floss Picks - Unscented Bamboo Charcoal Thread (200 Count)

Dental Floss Picks - Unscented Bamboo Charcoal Thread (200 Count)

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A Zero Waste Solution

Sea Turtle Dental Floss Picks are the designed to be Completely Zero Waste. Experience the satisfaction of a plastic free product. Our floss picks has handles made from corn starch. It's thread is made from all natural bamboo fibers. No nylon. No plastic. No excuse.

  • Slides up to 50% easier between tight teeth vs leading brands.
  • Unscented for an all-natural feel with no chemicals.
  • Shred-resistant floss for a lasting experience.
  • Maintains 90% strength of nylon.
  • Removes food particles and plaque between teeth below gum line.
  • Pick handle designed to remove stubborn food particles.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great alternative to plastic floss picks!

I wanted a more eco friendly and biodegradable option than the typical plastic floss picks and I found this one! It makes me happier to know im contributing less waste to the environment. You have to gently use these floss picks which really isnt a deal breaker for me because I always floss gently.

Good enough for the price

The handle is very stiff which makes it easier to use, but the floss isn't waxed so it can be a bit tricky to slip in

Unique black dental floss

My family went to the dentist and I was told I need to floss more often. In reality I never flossed but didn’t want to let the dentist know that. I decided to get floss for my teeth, I looked on Amazon and saw these charcoal ones, I have charcoal toothpaste and thought I could buy these also. They pretty much do exactly what they should, which is taking food out of your teeth.

Time to make some cookies
That's a lot of dental picks....

I don't always floss like I'm supposed to, and that can get me into dental trouble from time to time. I don't like using floss, because I end up wasting so much just to floss one area. I came across these picks, and I decided to give them a shot.Let's start with the volume. There are a lot of picks that come with one order. I mean a LOT. I haven't had any concerns about running out, so that's a plus. They're also pretty small, so I can put some away in random places I know I might be using a toothpick or floss.I saw a review that the floss is thick. It is thicker than others, that's true. My teeth are very close to each other, and I thought this would be a problem. It has not been the case so far - the pick held up while trying to reach a tough spot.I will say I thought that the floss was causing me some issues before, but it turns out that I was having dental problems in a specific area. After a good cleaning, the area isn't causing issues and neither are the picks. The string does not appear to be coated with anything, and they hold up well. Can't complain about this purchase - might be a while before I order more though.

Brandon T
Clean teeth without hurting environment

I really do like these dental cleaners. I've found them easier to use than regular dental floss. They have a smoother glide between teeth. They are made of biodegradable material which is awesome. All in all, a great product that doesn't hurt the environment.