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Sea Turtle

Travel Toothbrushes

Travel Toothbrushes

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SeaTurtle Bamboo Toothbrush are made from all natural Bamboo. The Toothbrush Bristles are 100% Plant-Based produced from castor beans which will soften with warm water. All Toothbrushes are minimally packaged with only 100% Recycled Paper. The toothbrush is made from high quality hot-pressed wood technology, enhancing the waterproof qualities and provides an extra smooth surface. We designed this Toothbrush with sustainability as the top priority.

★ Plant Trees In USA - Part of your purchase goes directly to planting trees in USA through our partnership with US Forest Service and National Forest Foundation. This ensures that more is put back than taken out from our earth.
★ 100% Well-Managed Forests – Shop confidently knowing your product comes from a sustainable source! We rigorously inspect and audit our suppliers on an annual basis to ensure they meet the qualifications our customers expect.
★ Plant-Based Bristles – USDA Bio-Preferred (#65739). Our Bamboo Toothbrushes have bristles that are 100% plant based, derived from castor beans! The chemical compound is Nylon 1010 which is a bio-based polymer extracted from castor oil. It has excellent mechanical properties such as strength, high melting point, and compact melting point.
★ Natural Bamboo – Our bamboo is heat treated to minimize splinter. We source only premium bamboo from approved sustainable suppliers. Shop confidently knowing more trees are put back on our planet!
★ Pack of 10 Numbered – Each toothbrush is individually wrapped for easy travel. All toothbrushes are numbered making them easily distinguishable!
★ Minimal Packaging - We know the last thing our customers want is excessive packaging. That is why we package our Bamboo Toothbrushes inside aqua coated Kraft paper packaging. Bristles bent? Simply soak the bristles in hot water to retain the original shape!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
John Blake
Awesome eco-friendly brush

We were looking for a brush that would not contribute to plastic waste and a brush that has soft/effective bristles. Sea Turtle has produced that brush- thank you and highly recommended!

Good for you, Good for the earth.

These toothbrushes are biodegradable and are individually wrapped.The packaging is beautiful and I recommend ❤️ 🌎

Great for traveling

I love that these are made of recyclable materials and have the little turtle on them to remind people why they should recycle. The toothbrushes come individually wrapped making them great for traveling. The brush is soft but brushes very well leaving your teeth feeling nice and clean. I love the wood grain look and the flat handle design of the brushes. The flat handle allows for easy grip and scrubbing of your teeth. Great toothbrushes.

Great idea

I think the environmentally friendly aspect of these brushes is awesome. They are also very nice looking, and made very well. The bristles are just too soft. It’s hard to feel like you really get a good brush because they just don’t scrub very well. I suppose if you have sensitive teeth or gums, and you prefer soft bristles, these may be perfect for you. I plan to keep them in my guest bathroom for anytime our guests need a toothbrush. Because of their environmental consideration, I won’t feel bad having my guests use and toss them as needed.

Ashley King
Environment friendly

If you have sensitive teeth this will be a much more enjoyable experience. I love the fact that these are plant-based bristles and made of bamboo. I never really thought about how much plastic we go through with just replacing our toothbrushes alone. While I use an electric toothbrush that cuts down on the waste a little bit, I'm still replacing the brush heads. While this brush doesn't come close to the clean you can get with a toothbrush, it's the more environmentally conscious decision. I wouldn't mind taking these for traveling and when I run out of brush heads and don't have time to go to the store. I couldn't think of any cons to this brush so I'm leaving it as 5 stars.