Our Purpose

Our Purpose

At Sea Turtle LLC, our mission is to protect our oceans from the greatest global challenges. We research innovative ways to reduce the inflow of plastic by changing consumption habits. We partner with marine conservation organizations to end the ocean plastic crisis. Our people are committed to making the world a more sustainable place.


Our Business Model

Our operations is funded by the sale of sustainable products. We rigorously research and develop ways to reduce daily plastic consumables. Proceeds from our sales help us fund ocean conservancy programs, raise awareness of plastic pollution, and innovate new ways to reduce plastic inflow.

Removing Plastic Waste

A portion of our sales goes directly to ocean clean up programs. Our team members are working hard to remove trash from oceans and coastlines, but we can’t do it without your help and contribution!

Education & Awareness

We educate and raise awareness on the ocean’s greatest challenges through Social Media. This includes daily updates on the latest news, promotion of clean up events, and tips on how to live a more sustainable life.

Our Story

On August 2015, marine biologist Christine Figgener filmed herself removing a plastic straw from a sea turtle’s nose. This published video would then resonated in the world, leading to numerous proactive movements against plastic pollution. Based out of Cypress, California, Sea Turtle LLC started as one of the many newly found operations created to join hands in the war against plastic. Our Founders, Tommy Ngo and Michael Schwier, believes a sustainable future can be obtained through collective collaboration.